The final sprint(Mad dash,it u will)has arrived.I still am aimming for top 10.I ask myself is it still possible,yes,hard but still possible.Yesterday was a slight set back,1 game I take the blame,the other game.....well xhit happens.Will it be hard making top 10?U bet it will be.Imposible?No.I know that a lot of other players are on the very same quest as I am.I think that the ones that make it there will b the 1ns that have the most patience(I wont even bother mentioning skill,they have made it this far 4 a reason).Other factor will be trying to avoid players with less skill(I refuse to call them donks,they AREN'T)that will play a hand that they think is good and get lucky.
Lady Luck will also be a factor like it or not,we all have been lucky in 1 game or another.Skill and patience!When you come to think of it this league is a VERY hard game.You have to have both for at least 30 days(play the sunday million and that takes,lets say 8 to 10 hours)PSO its 30 days and a LOT of hours.I dont

care where u end up on the money you still are to be congratulated.