Past few days I have been following the tumble of many good players and I have been woundering why.Did they just 4get how 2 play a run of bad luck or is it something else.Could there be a donk factor involved.I spend a lot of my time following players around,I'll have their table open,why u may ask....well I'm trying to learn from them,trying to improve my game.Anyway,what I been noticing a lot lately r the newbies aka DONKS.They seem to be having a very negative impact on the league.Raising or calling with,shall we be polite and say marginal holdings.Worst is they win.I ask myself why any1 would call/raise with such hands,the answer,they do NOT care.Their score is nearly all the time in the negative meaning that the league to them is just another freeroll or bingo hall.How to stop this league becoming anything but a skill league.I have 2 suggestions;
NO new player can join as soon as a new month has started,if he/she passed the quizz on the 2nd,too bad wait till the start of a new month.
My final sugestion is if you finish the month with less than 1550 pts you would have to sit out the following month.
If any1 else has any ideas or thoughts on this let us know,we have to keep this as a skill league!
 gl all