Try as I might I just cant blame anyone but myself for the terrible poker I played yesterday.Maybe,and I stress maybe here in one of the tournaments some might say I got "donked",I had AKoff and stack leader called my all in with suited conectors,good call I say.Last tournament I played for the day was on a table where none of the players were,shall we say in the run.It isn't the 1st time this has happened and I know that these players will play almost any 2 cards and will hit just to lose everything 1 or 2 hands later.I let my ego get in my way,boy did I ever,instead of just sitting and waiting for the right moment,no Mr Ego here plays poker,shall we say by the book.Well BIG mistake(sit tight with none ranked players)their motto is"any 2 cards can win"and I'm sure that a lot of you have seen it and just woundered what would be going through a persons mind playing "garbage cards".Long story short got busted out by some crummy hand.But I do NOT blame him/her I blame myself.

Just a side question here,a lot of the top ranked players play 5 to 6 games everyday,question is,where do you get the energy to do it?I tried for a few weeks but just cant do it anymore,if(insert big IF here)you are playing well and cards are coming your way you are playing 11 to 13 hours daily.Last two nights haven't been able to play the 10pm game,just too darn tired.Gonna try and play 5 today.