what a final day for me at PSO.I knew that I was good for $30 bucks and decided,ah what the heck,lets see how much higher I can go(didn't have any false hopes of hitting $50,I would have needed 6 very good finishes).Anyways 1st game doing pretty well then make a fatal mistake,overplayed AK out I go in about 243 place,ouch.Still in the $30 bucks though,2nd game,got donked out in high 200s{I blame myself for this,why you ask,well at the start of every game I take a look at everyones standing in the league,need to know who is really playing and who is just there).Now I'm only worth $15,that sucks,so off to the next game,ended up in top 100(if my memory serves me)back at $30.next game,I"ll be honest,played VERY poor poker,again down to $15.Last game for the day,this I have to play well cause I know I need at least 21 pts to stay ay $30.I look at everyones standings,just one person had anything to lose so I have to be VERY careful.1st hour just grinding away then comes Poker Godess herself and smiles down on me and just like that I'm in 2nd place with a very BIG stack.No I didn't go nuts,I still played the clock took no risks did everything that I have learnt from PSO school.Ended in 16th place and yes did get my $30 bucks.
The question still remains,will I sit down this month and play every single day(did that the final half of May and it is very time consuming not to mention tiring aswell).I have a felling that I will be seeing a lot of the reg.players.
See you at the tables,cheers and gl all!