TEN THOUSAND people!!! You've got to be bloody joking, as if it wasn't hard enough being a new fella playing against 5 to 600 people that knew what they doing. Now i have to contend with 9500 that go all 4 every thing, come on PSO give me a break. All of these people play like it's the Facebook League.
I had to play SUPER SUPER SUPER tight just to make it to the first break because unless i had AA,KK or QQ is just wasn't worth it, it was one of the most boring hours of my life.
Even though most of the donkeys got knocked out just after the break and people started playing REAL poker, i was along way behind in chips which put me at a real disadvantage.
Everything i've learnt through your PSO courses is now irrelevant, which is a shame because they were helping me alot.
I'm not bitching because because i lost to a Euro Donk, on the contrary, i made it to 800th out of TEN THOUSAND and got taken out by a str8 flush( i had a full house).
I'm having a winge because i was just getting to know most  of my fellow players and enjoyed playing against people whom wanted to improve their poker skills, like i do or did.
I hope u guys come to your sences and change it back next month or change your name to DSO (Donkey School Online).
One of the main reasons i liked PSO was because i could see where i was on the ladder, follow people i had played against on the on the ladder and find people while playing PSO tourneys to see how they were going, how the hell are can you find some of your friendly foes amongst 10,000 people.
Do me a favour and send them back to the Facebook League or i'm out of here! I don't have the time to play a 5/6 hour tourny with no chance of points.
Maybe you could start a northern euro school for them.
I encourage all of my PSO buddies to kick up a storm and let DSO know were not happy.
Or am i on my own?