I've only just started out on the poker scene. This is my first month with PSO and i'm learning heaps but i've got a long long way to go. I'm slowly making my way through the PSO courses,although i'm having a bit of trouble with the sng quiz. Iv'e got the card cat's down but i have no idea about the pot odds etc which is killing me in the quiz.
I'm playing as much as possible although not being in the same time frame as th US makes it a bit hard, First tourney starts at midnight(not really helping things with the wife either). I joined up with the PSO Facebook tourneys to give me some other timeframes to play in. I had what i consider to be my best tourney finish so far, i was about 300th(aiming for 250) out of 700 odd left untill I ran into my biggest Poker enemy, The hidden full house, i had an Ace high flush and got taken out by a 7 10 full house i didn't see. Beware of the re-raise.

The midnight PSO tourneys starting-got to go.good hunting Peeps.