Okay here we go.  I played in a skill league last night and I was playing like how they tell me to.  FOLD the BAD hands.  If they hit after you fold who cares right.  Pick a better oppurtunity.  Well that was exactly what I did.  I was doing great.  I ended getting 5th in chips.  But WHY is it that when I make correct and decise decisions and of course with a little luck and get riticuled.  Getting called a brainless player or a donk.  Can't people show a little appreciation with on-line poker?  I played my best like I play best in any tournament. I did well.  Out of 1300 people I placed 67th place.  I have played 4 other skill league tourneys...the first one i placed I believe 238th our of 1200 and my second I placed 118th our of 1400 and my third....well i placed 500th or something like that.  All these numbers aren't correct but not over or under exagerated.  So I been playing well.  So why the riticulness.  Am I the bad player then?  You can't always wait for the good hands.  The way I see it play what you can play and raise what you can raise. 

Thank You,