As it stands, I am just about a winning Poker Player... I look around my home and I can see the by-product of all those times I managed to successfully build a roll (sometimes from zero) and work it into whichever consumer product had captured my eye. 

And there-in lies the problem, I either build a roll and then withdraw, or I tilt and I bust. My latest excursion to the micros had me losing 5,000bb over just 45k hands. Why? Because I had taken a year off and then expected to be able to return and crush the micros like I have a few times before. 

And so here I am now... Sitting with another broken bankroll, thinking of all those mistakes I made 

- Breaking BRM

- Calling down to loose

- Slow-playing made hands

- BLUFFING at stupid spots

- Rating everyone as a fish

- Playing Zoom Poker


I always break BRM so I have used Stars to lock my highest stakes to NL5. I will be using 20BI until NL25 - 50BI after.

I float way to much and spew money on the turn.

Checking with the nuts has to stop.

There is no need to bluff at the micro stakes. Stick it in when you have it - Fold when you don't.

There are going to be players like myself that are experienced and just down on thier luck or don't like playing low - mid stakes, so stick to micros. NOT EVERYONE IS A FISH.

I keep trying to beat Zoom Poker, but I don't know why. I never do... Stay on standard 6-max tables.


So there's my biggest faults and the solutions, now I just need to play and practice. While still watching a strategy video on a daily basis. Or working on one key element of the game for 1 hour. (i.e, examine my last 100 hands where I 3-bet and investigate to see which spots I lost money and which ones I failed to extract maximum value.)


I did plan to make this post, then go away play my first session and post the results here but unfortunately my bank account is frozen due to identity fraud so I had to deposit using paysafecard, which now has a load of security checks before I can get the funds. I HIGHLY recommend NOT using this option, I've tried 3 times and everytime something has gone wrong thier end and I have to wait for 3 - 5 days to actually get my money. Next I will be trying uKash should I have to deposit again without a bank account.

I also enjoy a break from the cash tables and love to dig into a few good MTT's I have an ROI of 52% over 1k games... So here's a few challenges I've set myself.


- Play 10 MTT's per week in relation to BR (NL2 = <$1) (NL5 = $1 > $2) (NL10 = <$5) etc.

- Play 40 STT's per week. 

- Play 5k cash hands per week.


- Maintain at the very least Silver VIP (Stars)

- 1 hour review, or video per day.

- Review every session for at 10 minutes after playing

- Mark more hands for easier review

- Place in the PSO skill league.

- Reach $500.00 


I like to have some variety to cash games as sometimes I feel after playing consistently for too long I become bored and do things based on bordem rather than logic. This is going to be a hard grind for me as I was playing 8 Zoom tables (sometimes hitting 1.5k h/hr) and for the entirity of this challenge I'll be 4-tabling standard tables. I may also have to address the volume - I'm not sure what sort of h/hr is achieved at standard tables now. When I start auto-piloting my CG's that's when I'll hit the STT's and MTT's to have a break.


But there's my basic outline and goals, and I'll be sure to start spicing it up a bit with some pretty pictures and graphs with statistical anaysis very shortly... Once it has been established that I not a International Terrorist trying to launder $40 through paysafecard's amazing crap eWallet solution. 

The main purpose for this blog is so I can keep myself accountable for my actions and track my progress. Hopefully I'll spark some minor discussions at least and find other players doing something similar. 


Till next time, 


"I'm absolutely gonna win it, because I'm ruthless. I sit at the poker table and my job is to destroy people." - James Woods.