I understand the importance of position in holde'em, I really do. I happen to play a lot of omaha hi/lo. The importance of position in this game is paramount to a sucessfull run in any tournament. Since it is usually pot limt that I play and therefore harder to push people off hands I try and stay out of hands in early position unless they are very good starting hands, especially late in tournament play. Why? Well you dump a lot of chips off when trying to be aggressive from early position and there are 6 7 or 8 players behind you left to act. That being said why the hell after two hours at the same table giving up my blind to the button is he so willing to call my reraise all in with a very weak hand such as K8 or 68 r even 74? If we have been at the table for that long and I have surrendered countless big blinds because, 1 I have had very weak starting hands, and 2 you have the drop on me if I chose to play one of the weak ones and flop bottom mid or top pair to made hand you might already have. It seems to me that it would be a no brainer to fold that 86 after stealing a dozen or more blinds from me. Yet once again this doesn't prove to be the case!! I just got knocked out of a tourney where a nameless player and I had been for the majority of this tournament.  This guy raises 80% of the time that everybody folds to him when he is on the button and I am on the big blind. Cool I can handle that I understand the importance of position and that in actuality he is most likely ahead when I' packing 83 off suit.  Easy decision fold. Bottom line---I'm just waiting to set him up for failure. I love watching people at the table and knowing what they are going to do before they do it. So anywho just made ITM and I finally pick up a hand worth trapping with out of the big--AK--. LIke clock work he raises I pop it four times his bet he calls flop comes A 4 9 rainbow. Perfect I check he throws a bet out there that tells me he has complete air so I pop him all in and guy instacalls----74---WTF are we on the same planet? Anyway he gets me and I am cool with it just don't understand the logic behind that.... surrender countless big blinds to a guy set him up perfect and BAM get my hand smacked for it! Can't beat stupid I guess.  Have a great night and may your traps work against THAT GUY!