I have many friends who complain of losing best hands such as pocket aces or kings to stupid hands such as nine duce off suited or even worse! They say they always get a bad beat when they have a monster. But how can such thing be possible? why does it seem that monster hands are cursed for some people?

The voodoo prist who has put the spell on my friends is infact their own greed. The problem is that inorder to entice more players to join the pot and earn more money they keep playing their monstres too passively. They think That if they play their big hands aggressively they will scare away more people and the pot will remain small!

Although such strategy sounds reasonable and may work in some certain situations, the problem is that if you play such hands passively preflop, then you give the rubbish hands the opportunity to see the flop with minimal cost! Say you get AA and you limp pre flop. this way you give a player on the big blind who say for example has 9 3 off suited to limp in free! The flop comes 999. you think you have the full house how ever you opponent with the trash hand has the quads! now who is to be blamed in this situation? The Poker stars site? Your cursed Aces? The black cat you saw the day before? or your own bad play? 

The conclusion is never ever play big hands passively preflop! If you do and you lose to a trash hand, you and only you are to be blamed!