Rookie players who have poor understanding of statistics and principles of probability in poker are fun to play with. Its even funnier when they relate hitting a miracle card on the river to their exceptional talent!

in middle stages of a PSO tournoment I picked up K,10 spade and limped in on the button with two other players. The flop comes: A, 7 spade , and 5 heart. I did the C bet and was called by both players. The turn, An irrelevent card. I Bet one more time and got called again. The river, 5 club. At this point I had missed my flush and I was suspicious that if other players have hit anything on the board there is no way that they will fold to any bet now that the board has paired (A,7,5,X, 5) so I checked, The person on my right bet almost the size of pot, and I immediately folded, at this point I still had 9K left (I started the hand with 15k). The other player calls, and the raiser won with Quad 5s.

The winner started bragging: "I knew Sorena had nothing"!  I noticed him that I had flush draw and you were fortunate that you made the miracle river, if it was any spade you were busted now cause you would have called since you had a set of 5s, In fact it was his mistake that let me come so far with my draw and so cheap. " You say IF, you should not live with IF!" he replied.

Then I thought with myself, "Oh boy, does this guy really thinks that he summoned that 5 with his divine talent out of the virtual deck!" No need to say that the same way he had won that pot with a miracle river, he was busted to another miracle river 5 hands later while I was up 40k!

The point I want to make is that even a 5th grader knows that one has no control over the cards which may come next. You need to play your best hands and wish to hit. If you missed you may bluff in some certain situations (which more than often won't work when you are playing with a bunch of free rolling loonetics that are playing their odds with any card). Its very simple. The whole game is based on probability and timed aggression! Why is it that difficult to digest for some people?

So the next time you hit a miracle card and you consider that as your being good at the game ask yourself if you are smarter than a 5th grader!