I was watching the LAPT games the other day on Pokerstars.tv and I was really amazed with the cards NACHO BARBOSA hit on the board. He is a great player in Latin America no doubt about that, But hitting every card he needed in ALL IN situations while being dominated by the oponent! get out of here!

In such a high level of the games and specially in the final table, a player needs further than skill to be the winner. Imagine the following situation, You are in final table heads up. The stakes are almost equal, your opponent is trying to put pressure on you pushing ALL IN in every hand. You keep folding trash hands suhc as 2 8 or 5 9 off duited. Then you are dealt A/k and then you see an all in situation. You call, and see you have your oponent dominated who holds A/10. The flop: 7/3/8/ rainbow, the turn, another irrelevent card, your heart is poundign and you are thrilled with the thought that you have won! suddenly your opponent catches a 10 in the river! Your dreams all go down the drain! This situation happened at least 3 times when Barbosa had his tournoment life on the line! and he survived them all! increadible! He played a solid game, used his position and stake size perfectly, but whoever stood up to him was busted by bad beats!

well, the fact is that poker is not like chess! it is not a pure game of strategy and luck plays an important role in it, specially when both players are at the same level. when the oponent is not intimidated by your stake size or reputation eother because of the fact that he is an advanced player himself or he has a deep stake too and is capable of doing crazy stuff such as rerasing out of position, then one may find it safer and wiser to play only the cards with higher probability of winning. However, every hand preflop has the chance of winning and if you are dealt AA against 2/7 offsuited, your opponent still has a chance to win preflop! and believe me miracles happen although scarcely!   

So at the end of the day no matter how good you are, you can make the final table, you can even get to the headsup, but will you be the winner if you don't have a little bit of luck? will you manage to win that tournoment with pure logic and strategy? I doubt it strongly.