Well, last night after winning a penny at final PSO tourney went to the bar, met some fellow students and ended up home, drunk and playing in two $5.00+$0.40 sit n go's: eliminated on the bubble the first time and first on a bad beat the second.  This was after losing $4.00 of the $4.60 won over the weekend.

Woke up this morning to $10.40 in bankroll.

This morning won $3.xx at ring table, lost $0.80 cents of it and decided to switch back to SnG tournaments.

Played in four $5.00+$0.20 tourney's this morning and afternoon and have won in three of them :-D

Bankroll stands at $22.03 USD currently.

Tonight shall play in PSO and do better than this afternoon I hope, as just took a 10+ point loss while writing this.  Gambled on a flush draw with one over card and lost. Learned not to do that last night, but no big deal, the hangover is actually getting worse as the day goes on, which is typical on the rare occassions they happen.