OK, here goes.

Early Jan:: open pokerstars.com account after spending 3 weeks on pokerstars.net and 1.5 months on Zynga.

Deposits:: total of 4 x $11.00 Cdn

Balance:: $12.47 Cdn, up from the $11.22 after the last deposit hit.

For some silly reason was willing to play with entire stack for the first couple of weeks of cash gaming.  Lost about $24.00 on ring tables and the rest on Sit 'n Go that was too high stakes for bankroll and skill level.  Times Have Changed!!!  As of now keep 90% of my roll in Cdn dollars so when entering US$ table/tourney the buy-in is immediately identifiable as within budget or not.  Am getting used to excusing self from the ring table's as soon as the 0.80 cents becomes a 1.00 or more, and am paying attention to both mood and tilt level before choosing to play or continue to play. For the last three days  bankroll has only risen, modestly admittedly, and have the sense not to let it go to head.  No longer play intoxicated, hungover or when moody and feel like gaining a modicum of control over the situation. Shall update this blog for a bit to help keep mind in the zone.  Till next time, this is SongsMyth... signing off!