Hi, again all,, I played enough  real  money games  in September,, so i would be sure and be Active in the
PSO for the month October.  I got  the 20 FPP+,, and then i got sick didnt get to play too much and when i do play ,,well lets just say either my playing or my luck has gone south.. But thats poker,,i did what i think was pretty good last two months ,, but this month has been a disaster,, I think i'm going to pray to the poker Gods  that next month is better,,I hope i play  better then and some luck shines comes my  way ,, i know   both has to happen  are your not going to get very  high in the rankings,,I think im a better player than my
ranknig shows right now,, but not  getting to  play much this month  in Pso doesnt help either. well good luck
rest of month all .!!