When starting at $0 the first Challenge is always the hardest.Pokerstars offers every player the chance to earn FREE MONEY but you usually have to work very hard for just a small amount, so when you get your small amount of money such as .10 cents or even .80 cents - $1 or even if you win most freeroll MTT's $5!. You have to spend it  very wisley, make sure YOU get the MOST out of what you have worked for give yourself as many chances as possible to earn money from your small amount. For example if you took .20 cents away from a tournement i would think of that as 10 entrys to the 990 .02 Sng wich is 10 chances at $4.40 witch is a potencial profit of $4.20!




I ill keep you up to date with my play

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Okay guys forgot about this sorry if i let anybody down. Anyway i am determined to keep posting now.

As of present i am at $0.00

Below i will list my tournement results and winnings and then report on what i do with said winnings.

Entry #1 26/03/2017 Still not won anything

Entry #2 31/03/2017 just won $1.58 in on of the Pokerschool Open League tourneys. Time to start grinding dem 2c 990's wish me luck