OK, why do I need a blog that explains to everyone how I play poker in the gym?  For the attention, of course.  I signed up to pokerstars as a way to pass time while I'm on the exercise bike or the stair master.  Previously I was playing Magic 2014 on iPad, but I found the game to require too much attention to be compatible with cardio exercise.  So I gave play-money poker a try, having previously played WSOP on XBOX.  The first game I tried to Zynga.  It run OK, and I was definitely spending less effort on the game than Magic.  But I found the play style associated with play money was not holding my attention, and I was getting bored easily.  To keep myself motivated, I went by Canada Post and bought a Paysafe card, and my Pokerstars account is active.

So far, play real money poker, even though it's mostly freerolls, has kept me going to the gym for the past few weeks.  Hopefully this good trend continues.  I'm mostly playing the 100k previlege freeroll, as my last deposit was less than 31 days.  Only time will tell how poker meshes with gym.