Very disappointing 15 point loss in pso recently. I don't feel like I played bad either I just had some unlucky brakes.

For instance, one player with twice my stack felt like limping with EVERY single hand and would call any raise so that made it extremely hard to even play, even with tight play. I actually lost with ace queen twice lol. The first time I had Aq off and opened with a standard raise and the flop came three diamonds. Had no diamonds so I lost the hand.

The second time I was down to about 14 big blinds and raised to 100 to 300 2 players called. One player called with 8 Queen and he was down to only about 16 big blinds! Then he open raises to 600 on the flop!!!

I called all my chips with a straight draw because I generally though it was a bluff, but that is something you have to be carefull about with bad players. They WAY WAY overbet a hand when they have the nuts.

It left me thinking how should I even play if they call anything I raise? Was it a bad idea for him to call with 8 Q suited or do I not even know what I'm talking about? I think 9 times out of 10 he will be dominated, right? I'm really confused on how to play now....