Hey guys. First of all i would like to tell you that i am from Romania, so if i make writing mistakes dont be a hater .







As the title says i would like to try and find out what the combination of ingredients are required to create an exceptional poker player.I tried some combinations of my own but ...sometimes it worked and sometimes ...well let's just say that my pc regrets it's master . Ok, so now let's try something more specific.



How about luck in poker ? It's a must. I have seen so many good players going unlucky and so many bad players getting lucky that my brain had a crash. And in that note i can't exaclty figure out how important is luck in poker. Ok you know the math ... the percentages ...and everything. BUT : here comes the average player who shoves all in preflop with 6c9c because he feels that those are his lucky cards. On the other hand you hold AsAd ...what does math say ? Of course it's a call. You cant ask for a better hand preflop right? Aaaand faith thinks it's funny to hit you in the face with a flop like Ac (so it would be even more funny) 7c8h.....turn it's a blank 2d and the grand finalle 10c. Well the 10s gives you the occasion to choose what beat you want to get ...flush or straight ? Cool right?


We will continue with the example above on the second feature of this blog. Skill equals : knowing your math, beeing able to take some very good decisions at times and beeing able to pull some great moves when the occasion requires it, knowing playing position and all that . Did i miss something ? If i did please feel free to complete the list.

Anyway...AA are 80% favorite to win against 6c9c preflop. Well this translates in 4:1 or 4 out of 5 times right ? Hmmm ... but wich are are those 5 times ? Does anyone guarantees that if you lost this time the next four times you will win ? I think not and that is because "the long run" means an infinite number of hands. So next time when you have to take a decision on percentages because MATH says so, think on this the same time : math made for an infinite number of hands. And that's why math isn't allways right.

3. Feel

In my opinion FEEL it's very very important. That is because poker is a game of incomplete information. And what other thing except for feel can give you the edge in such a hard competition? Let's not confuse feel with stupidity though   because feel doesn't mean i should pay all in preflop with 7d2h because i FEEL the flop will be 772 .  Feel is based on many things and that's why i think is one of the most important qualities of a good poker player. Even if we are talking about just a "feeling" that can not be demonstrated, i think everyone agrees that the exceptional poker players have developed a very strong and complete feel for the game. We all were stunned at some point of an amazing call or fold made by one of the great ones.


My questions are :

First one is of course about the title (amazing isn't it ? ) : What combination of skill, luck and feel should a poker player have? Or just one of those if you think so please let me know .

And second : do you guys think that anyone can develop a set of complete ingredients to become a great poker player?


Well this is it for my first blog. I hope it's not very idiotic . I am waiting for answers from you guys.


Good luck (or skill or feel ) at the tables