Hi I am Jackie or MTLady, just a quick introduction, I live in Butte, Montana, pine trees and mountains everywhere you look, we are over a mile high, we have already had 2 snowfalls this fall, it gets really cold here, so online poker is the way(no ice,snow or cold winds). I have always loved cardgames, blackjack was one of my favorites, I started playing poker over 5 years, about 2 1/2-3 years ago I started reading a woman's poker magazine, saw this add for PSO, I went to the site and well here I am over 2 years later, I have read and reread all the lessons, done the quizzes, I go to all of Al Spath's training classes, and I still am learning, remember this has been over 2 years, now I am doing the NLHE training that has just been added, I play poker because I love the game and challenge, yes I do win money at other sites, I also wanted to tell you guys I play early and usually try to do some evening games, but I am disabled and I get exhausted, my play changes when I am tired, that I know for a fact. This last year I have been under alot of stress, my husband has been very ill, this has been hard on me, but this community has been great for support, especially Jim(flyingryan) and Karri(two-isles), I want to thank you guys all of you, we(Del-husband) met alot of you in Las Vegas last year, I also got to meet Tom McEvoy, who I happen to have a picture of with me on my desk, oh by the way I have one with me and Al also, but I think what I wanted to say, was you always learn here rather it is poker or life and friends! I hope the best for all and now I am ready to play, hey, I still am trying to learn about this ODDS thing I will get it trust me! Each day is a day that God has given us--Roy Lessin good luck Jackie