Well here goes, I have been an annual member now since last April(2006), a bit over a year, now I have no complaints, not even one, but I do have lots of thanks to give, first let me tell you why, I am disabled with arthritis(both Rhuemotoid and Osteo)and also have lumbar stenois in 3 areas of my spine, still no complaints, so basically I don't get out a whole lot, than I met PSO, and it made a world of difference in my life, I feel alive again, happy and I even find I can do more at times, so thank you all PSO members and Mr. Al Spath and Tina Mark & Tim and all, I have also learned and am still learning how to play poker, also recently my husband was very sick, and Chrissy and BigJohn gave me lots of support and of course Al Spath, Thanks guys, I met some wonderful folks at the convention and we will never forget any of you, but poker is and will be a big part of our life and PSO, when you read or hear about how close this community is believe it, I truely think we learn more about life than poker here, I do want to thank Old Hatter for all the wonderful help & tips and suggestions he gave my husband & me while in Las Vegas, and I met a very nice person her name is Lisa(LIL), just a tip for all members if you get a chance to go to the Convention do it, you will learn more than you can ever imagine. See ya all at the tables Jackie