Well it's been pretty hectic these past few weeks. Off to university in 2 weeks and having my parents moving next week is proving to be annoying lol. Anyway'spoker online is going dreadful. lost my roll AGAIN just can't stick to any bankroll management and playing micro tournaments just seem to be waste of time as they large field sizes for little payouts but the lenght of them are horrible. cash aint doing me any favours either as i can't play 5/10 cent tables. just way too many hit n run merchants. 

Went to casino few nights ago and did well on cash, two hands i played terrible which got me mad so decided small profit was better than no profit so left table. it got m out house at least :-P

Money is so tight right now its like a camels arsehole in a sandstorm! so poker online and live will be on hold for the whole month probably. might put few coins into stars next week but who knows.

Thanks for reading GL at tables