AA are by far the best hand to have pre-flop in NLHE.



They are not a good drawing hand.

They fare better heads up than they do against many hands.


If aces are ahead 38% of the time, against 9 other random hands,
that would mean for every deal where they are ahead 98%,, ( a very rare scenario )
there would be 2 deals where they are only winning 9%
98% x 1
8% x 2
114% / 3 = 38%

PLEASE be aware of this
For every time you have aces winning a particular deal,
with the conditions that you have 9 all-on callers pre-flop
you will have TWICE as many times, your hand is winning only 8% of the time.


Some people do NOT understand that.

Saying Aces are always ahead pre-flop is incorrect. They are ahead on average.

It would be like saying AA beats KK all the time heads up. It doesn't, it is say 80% to beat kings.

This means, that 4/5 times the aces will win, and 1/5 times ( note how often that is ! ), 1/5 times the aces will lose to the kings.

Similarily, aces are normally ahead before the flop.

the less hands, they are against, the more likely they are ahead.

but,, you Aces COULD be behind before the flop.

Does this mean they won't win?

no,, you Aces could be a 10% chance to win,, and still win.,, they make get a straight, of be in a flush, or,, maybe just hold up, you never know.

Being ahead, just means that,, you are ahead,, and if you are in this situation 100,000 times, you will win, that percentage,, say 80% vs 20% or,, 4:1

Until the odds are 100%/0% you DO have a chance to win,, maybe it is only one out card maybe you have two outs... sometimes on the flop, you could have a way worse hand, but be ahead as you have more outs, with 19 outs,, you are the favorite to win a hand, even though the other person has a better hand than you.

This little portion of this blog, is to show examples to people of how aces can actually be behind,

as some people think that is impossible for aces to be behind pre-flop

it is not.

Aces ahead,, some times lose, and Aces behind sometimes win.