Like many or most of PSO members, I am not happy with the changes. However, I am going to stick it out and see where this leads. PSO has been invaluable to my learning the game and it has been very enjoyable as well. I am hoping we will go in a new direction and come out with the kind of quality that has been here all along. I know Mark and Tina worked very hard to keep this website an enjoyable and educational experience and for now I am going to trust their leadership. As for the conversion to sponsorship points, I am fine with that as well. As an annual member I was not going to see that money anyway and I planned to renew in August. I hope more members will stay on and ride out the changes. For those who are leaving, I am sad to see you go and I want to tell you that I enjoyed getting to know many of you. This has stayed a close knit school and I hope it will stay that way.