I understand PSO made changes, since I am an annual member that paid in advance last August, do I get four and a half month's payment reimbursement? I paid for a premium site and now I can't seem to find a tourney I want to play anymore. There are no Heads-up matches anymore, unless I want to play for free. I enjoyed building my bankroll in heads-up play and ring games and if I wanted free play I had that option. The tournaments now don't have any money added from PSO and winning $600 for 1st place just doesn't have much luster. I guess I am going to have to adapt to this or say goodbye to the only place I have really enjoyed playing online poker. Now I just want the bugs out of this new system so I guess I'll wait it out and see if the changes work. As for now, I feel like I have lost the best poker site on the planet.