I've been a member here since Jan. 2004 and I floundered for about a year or so. Then I met Stacey, better known as RIVERHATER2, and Frank, aka ChessSafari and they invited me into their "study group" with the inauspicious name of Group C. Within months I had improved my game beyond my imagination. Why, because we shared strategies and criticized one another's play. But the criticism was always done constructively and with one thing in mind, this is a school. Although I don't have the time to be a moderator of a study group, I would most definitely be an active member. Our "C" group started out well and grew. We had a number of f ine players. But I believe the group got too large and lost it's identity. At the heart of it's decline, I believe, was some members who didn't fit the dynamic of the study groups main body of members. So I propose to start a new group that will cultivate good sportsmanship and mentoring of one another. I like the names "Table Talk", and "The Nuts". But we can create a group and vote on a name, the important thing is to create a new study group with like minded players who want to improve their game. If interested in being a member or moderator/member, please leave a comment and we can make this a reality. Looking forward to your responses. Danny (BigDeal) "SEE YOU AT THE FINAL TABLE!"