I am hardly what you would call a prolific blogger - this being only my second entry! But I am trying to turn over a new leaf and take a more considered approach to developing my poker game.

With that in mind, time to talk about the start I have had to the month of May  - and things have started off interesting!

First the good news, managed to pick up a premier league ticket last month. Having navigated the mine field of the open league, the premier league play is entirely different. In the open league the 6000 drop out in the first hour, the premier league seems a lot saner in comparison to this. Anyway, one game played and 37th position finish. Not sure how so many of the guys have played 5 games already, but I need my sleep, so probably will be a challenge to play one game a day!

On the not so good side of things, I had a terrible 2NL zoom session yesterday - dropped 5 buy ins. A few coolers and then a lot of poor decisions - I should have taken time out after dropping 3 buy ins. I could feel the frustration building inside at my poor decisions - I even had the benefit of listening to Gareths lesson on tilt last Sunday, but in the heat of battle my brain stopped working! I am smiling today though, so a positive frame of mind and time to start repairing the damage done.

But before poker, time to do some fmaily stuff and some household chores - that grass wont cut itself!!