Hi Everyone.

This is my first blog entry. My name is John and I am based in the UK.

Its taken me a while to get going, having been on Stars for just over a year now, but I finally seem to be making some progress.

Last month I made it to 461 in the Open Skill League and got a ticket to the Premier League. My first game in the Premier League yesterday and I won it - absolutely fantastic!! I only ever managed a 3rd in the Open Skill League

Before I get completely carried away with myself, I would like to acknowledge 2 things that I believe have helped me become a better player:
Firstly, the PSO Live Training - a truly fantastic offering and I know that like myself this is appreciated by many of the members. Great job guys!!
Secondly, to those who participate in the Forum. The advice and different perspectives provided, along with the humour, are a great way to learn.

I still have a lot to learn and I am planning on more training and forum reading!

Look forward to catching up at the tables!

Snapper (John)