I was reading a Bad Beat thread in the PSO forum and was critiquing the play when the last line caught my eye. The person that supposedly gave the bad beat called the loosing player a "donk". I have come across the same experience several times online.

I have also seen poor etiquette in live play as well. Slow rolling, trash talking, and people trying to get others to show their hand out of turn on the river to gain information or not have to show their hand. 

This is why I usually avoid viewing the chat window online. I do jump in to chat to say good game, nice hand, good luck etc or sometimes have a good conversation.

At a live game I will ignore the trash talk I will wait my turn at show downs and show my cards in turn. I will even flip them up if someone flips a winner out of turn just to try and set a good example. I never rag on a player for their play each player plays different and some players will make bad plays its part of the game. Use it to your advantage instead of letting it get the best of you.

So don't feed the monster and try and keep Poker etiquette alive.