After reading about the Kid's slump. It reminded me of my own slump not only in poker but financially. 2010 had been a killer year going through a divorce and settling everything up. Well there goes the poker bank roll. So how do you recover? 

Well besides dealing with the emotions which you must face before you hit the felt or walk in the door to your job you need to assess your situation. I could have fought harder for money in the divorce or done things differently but I wanted to leave with dignity and respect for myself. So poker had to take a back seat sort of. I still have poker leagues which I use to hone my skills. I also win extra cash doing that. I also play every possible free roll online that I can. Sure there are thousands of entrants in these. The chances are slim however it is good MTT practice. This has provided me with a wide range of players to come across. Calling stations, aggressors, bullies, bluffers, the all inners, etc. Each giving me a bit more insight. Each free roll that I hit the money also adds to my bank roll as slight as it might be. It all starts to add up and it will continue to add up with good bank roll management. I have had to really diversify the games I play to play in as many free rolls as I can which has increased the amount of time I practice. 

Remember the multi-sport athlete Bo? You know Bo know Football. Well he did not just go from baseball to football without having to change his mindset as well as his game. Just like in poker when you are switching from FL to NL or HE to Omaha or Omaha Hi/Lo why not do a little preseason warm up? What's that a warm up? Yep whip out a deck of cards deal a few rounds of the game your going to play with the hands face up and have a roll for each player on how they would play. Like the maniac the tight player the calling station etc. Think of how they would act based on a player or players you have played before as a model for betting styles and see how you would play each hand. I have done this before tournaments. While most people walk in cold dieing to play the tournament or coming from a ring game and having to switch gears. I have warmed up. Same thing if I am walking into a ring game. I take time before I walk into a ring game and play for free online or whip a deck out and roll play. That way I have warmed up before I hit the felt. 

So as I restructure my finances this year and I attempt to build a bankroll from 0. Playing free rolls and league games. I will always warm up before I hit my "main event" whether it is a Sit-N-Go, tournament or ring game. I have done all of the analysis and laid out the plans and the finances will work out and when that happens I will have a bank roll and maybe by then I will not need as much through proper bank roll management and winnings in free rolls. However I will all ways warm up first.