PSO 5:30pm Tourney. 140ish people left. I was playing really good poker as far as my skill level is concerned. I was falling behind in chips though as we were approaching "the bubble". I had an A6s, and only bet BB on preflop. If I bet 4x, I probably would have made it through okay. But I was called on by Gis1814. I had met him in showdown quite a few times this tourny and always had him beat. I didn't think he was bluffing, but I noticed he had been using continuous betting a lot. Raising after the flop to uphold his card stength pre-flop. 2 kings popped up on the board, and I knew he was going to raise regardless, and he did. In retrospect, if I folded, I could have made it in the money. I got too worried about not having enough chips going into the later stage though. Would I do it differently if I did it again...3:1 odds against that . But that's why this is a learning experience. Plus...if I had won, I gain would have been sweet sweet music. Next time time.