Aug 21st, 2010, I signed up for PSO. I've always loved poker and knew it could be worth something for me. I have my wedding coming up in less then a year, so I've decided to take poker more seriously and let all of my dusty enhanced level education get some air. Ive set a goal to have 20k's by next september to help pay for my beautiful fiance's most important day. I took the PSO core courses, I entered 3 tournaments today (Sunday). With about 1200 people per tourney, i came in 1080th place, the 799th place, and tonight, I finished my 3rd tourney in 18th place! I am elated to realize that this goal I've set is indeed a possibility. I enjoy the atmosphere in the PSO League tournaments very much, so it's even more fun?. This is going to be a great journey! -Josh