Well today is day #2 of my personal challenge, Currently I am at total of $16.10. A profit of $6.10. I played a few SnG's and MTT's with some decent success. I know that eventually when I'm able I need to adhere to my goal of only using 2% of my bankroll which indeed I need to strictly abide by throughout my challenge. But for the time being I'm having decent success of cashing in the SnG's and MTT's that I played in. I will keep everyone posted on my adventure.

Alright, Last Update for today since I won't be playing any longer. I have work and school today so anyways. I continued on with SnG's and MTT's with some luck. I decided to play .01-.02 cent NL for a bit with some good results. I was playing 4 tables at once which I know some Pros say that its stupid and not exactly the best idea but I'm used to it so anyways. Bankroll as of 7am ET is $21.54, a profit of $5.44 since earlier on today.

God Bless,
PS User: smkurtz