This is an area of my game, I'm trying to really hone my skills in. I realize we should be shoving wide in LP rather than EP, yet the thing that I don't really know is how wide is wide? I'd also like too take into consideration that assume you're 2nd in over all chips in the tourney and all too your immediate left have less than 10bbs each.

It's a normal structure 10 minute levels, and they seem too be extremely tight (focusing on cashing first). Do we than want to double them up? Since you yourself only have 35bbs do you really want too lose 10 of It and now have a contender too your immediate left (20bbs stack that you must steal against) or do you want too leave them and steal 1/3 blinds from them?

While on that note, I also want too look at calling ranges vs 10bb stacks when It's your blinds and the C.O/H.J/BTN/SB make the same moves vs you? K8s+ good enough or not?

Now I'd like too add one more piece of info, assume that all players shoving 10bbs are tight players, and even when they shove from LP (since sample size is small) all their stats were actually 0/0/0 over 40 hands. Now the first time they shove, easy fold K7s or not, 2nd? Ok, I'll give It too you, 3rd+4th? what now? If we keep folding soon enough, they'll have 20bbs by us primarily folding to their steals in LP.