I am so glad that I took this last couple of days and played in play money games in order for the concepts to begin to make sense, from the courses. Here is what I did.. 

I started with the 1/2 play cash games, after watching some of the games to see how players were playing vs what they were supposed to be playing. What I saw was a lot of deviation from ABC Poker. I saw a lot of loose aggressive play with many community pots. At first I played loose then I realized that loose vs loose is no good, so I begin to play more tight according to ABC but with a more wider starting hand. I also begin to play more from late position with just about any two cards as long as I could get at least 8:1 pot odds.

The reason being, is i found you hit the flop enough to make 8:1 pot odds a good enough play at those stakes, as you got an excellent return on investment. By waiting for my spots and playing strong and medium hands I quickly crushed this level making almost 16000 in the first day. 

Next I went to 5/10, there was less deviation from ABC than the 1/2 but still enough to know that if I did, even when I had top pair I almost always had the villian out kicked. It took a day and a half to really get good as I would often have a great start then lose half of my chips due to loosen up too much. once i got back to basics I was able to chip steadly and made another 15000, total.

I decided to watch a real cash game for .1/.2 and what I saw was almost no deviation from ABC, almost no community pots and very few showdowns. raises were standard and in most cases respected..there were no bluffs at showdown..

Based on what I saw I believe that working my way up the levels in play money I should expect to see more and more of that. Therefore this actually is a very good exercise for me, as I have played many hours in the last few days and now have certain concepts memorized and am applying them.

Now, I just decided to do a test with the next level 10/20..I took a shot with 2BI (4000), once again I had a great start up to about 3.5BI (7000), had to tighten my range and then I got loose and lost about 2.5B, from there I got my act together and let almost all spec play go, unless I was getting 10:1 odds, then I came back up to 3BI (6000) before i left the table.

I will be playing this level some more as I think it has more to teach me now about reading my oppenents and how to put them on opening ranges as they are playing more tighter and more according to ABC Poker. Once I see mistakes I then wait until I can exploit that mistake and that seems to be the way to make it past this level. I will start again with 2BI and try to build it to 8BI before I think I can play this level regularly. 

So grand total in just over 2 days is 31,800...which is awesome as never have i been able to walk away from the play money tables with any money...and that was at the 1/2 tables...I never played any other tables until a couple of days ago...so I am happy with my progress