Well learning from the last course that I needed to be prepared and take good notes, I did just that with this course. After a couple of hours and 8 pages of notes later, I felt I was ready to take the STT Quiz. 

I passed with a 92%, so I am happy as my study and notetaking paid off. Not only that but I learned so much about mistakes I have made in the past as I didnt fully know how to play tournaments when it got to certain levels and would often see myself get blinded out just before being ITM. 

A lot of these concepts were foreign or in some cases counter intuitve, and I will definetely need to take the next week and play in some play games in order for these concepts to really gel and I can do them without having to think about them as much, as I almost ran out of time to finish the quiz.

All in all I am very happy with my progress, as I can see immediate improvements in my game and in my understanding of plays. Since I passed the test I made my 2nd deposit in order to maximze my starting bankroll bonus...now its up to me to begin putting these lessons to use on the tables so that I can begin racking up those FPPs I need to get my free money.