Played in the open league MTT today. Around 10,000 players and I finished 368. I was happy at the placement, however I know I could have gone further. I deviated from my chart, and I should have folded the re-raise all in, when I had pocket two's. I was so close to the bubble and the player (Big stack) had not been respecting my raises. Should have only called with a higher category starting the villian had 77. 

Finished the 1 course and tried to take the quiz for the second, but I guess you can only take so many/day or something..I am annoyed as I am ready to make another deposit for .2 cash games, to rack up my points, but in order to make the most of my twenty dollars I need to wait for a code...which I can only get if i pass the test...hence the annoyance at not being able to take the test right away. 

But oh well I suppose, I will get better at what I reviewed today about cash games, and do a quick review tomorrow and then write that test. As I didnt do as well on the quizzes as the first unit on poker basics. There is a lot to learn, however I can learn it in pieces, as I managed to get as far as I did in the tournment by only playing ABC poker...I widen some of the rules as the opponents were playing pretty loose...the only real deviation resulting in me getting knocked out prematurely. 

*note to self, do not deviate until you have mastered ABC, it seems as if it can get you far enough through the micros before you have to learn a bunch of fancy stuff.

In fact the reason why it works I think is because if you are busy making sure you dont make mistakes, it becomes easier to see when others do...then you can exploit that at a later time.