I think that I have had a valuable experience in the month of March, I've seen my poker game grow ridiculously since I joined the PSO. I don't even feel like the same player I was. Since I've nearly double my last deposit at the ring table tables and I'm doing fairl well in the SNG where there are 3-5 tables invovled. I want to to see my game grow some more. I've ince been playing more micro stake MTTs and backed away from the PSO for a while. Not entirely because the experiences in the tournaments are great, I just need to see where the if I can play a solid game to build my bankroll. 

My goal is to break even I was given 1500 points and thats where I want to end. I played like a maniac earlier waitng on flush and straight with bad pot odds, never counted my outs, never taking calculated risk, always challenging the big stack with weak hands, playing to passively waitng on that 1/220 hand wiht poket rockets, Over betting my rockets and having them get beat by a set on the flop. Its crazy what a month can do to you when it is filled with poker and nothing, but poker.

I really have come to love game in time it took me to learn it. I still don't have a grasp on toning my aggressing up and down o fit the table, my opponents and the situations, but I
m geting there.

I just played in a tournament after watching Isildur1 in the Sunday Million. I played like him, really aggressive taking stacks from th eweaker players who hit two pair with four to a straight on the board. Then I didn't take my foot off the gas and lost my stack about 20 mins later. I kept telling myself "Oh I got the chips I can take the hit", but you can only take like three or four.

My other goal I really want to learn is piking my spots better I'm always married to KK QQ preflop, when I getting Aggressive shoves from other players I refuse to believe they have me beat. I want to see there cards and show them that You should mess with me. I still have trouble laying them down, but it gets easier with time. I've learn to pick my players. I know certain people in the PSO push realy hard with AK suited or not and when I have poket rokets thats an easy call.

All in All I'm a a way better player than I was. I think that moving up in the PSO next month will be easy. Good Bye basement ranks, Hello payout.