I finally got one. I played my game, stayed true, and got lucky. My favorite hand of the night. I had just been moved from another table and I was the short stack against the three chip leaders. I'm holding poket threes. I'm thinking to myself I need to double up or else I'm going to get blinded out so I took my chance all in. I got to callers by virtue of them be larger stacks. I find out that their both holding aces with high kickers. The flop comes down all low cards, the turn another low card, and the river another low card. I triple up late in the tourney and it boosted me to the top 50. I played tight after getting by with that. I ended up having to try and double up to keep ahead of the blinds later but was unsuccessfull. Still looking for my first PSO win but for now just trying to get a tighter grasp of the game.