Being in the basement Ranks is not fun. I'm a novice player, I still make novice mistakes, it will happen. I know taht it will take time and practice make perfect. I'm practicing in the PSO and I've seen my play exponentially grow with a week I wonder what playing in 3-4 tournaments a day with some of the best online players Pokerstars has to offer will do for my game in another month or so. I've seen myself place in money in more tournaments than I could ever believe possible. 

I am no pro, I probably won't be a pro for a long time. I just started playing poker 5 MONTHS ago. I find that my best wins come in tournaments where I keep a calm, let my opponents rants in the chat box about how I'm a bingo player rool off my back, and play my game. I make the top 200 easy. I lose with I stop playing smart and start gambling. I try to get luck draws and double, even triple up early.  That's just not smart, at least for me. I'm going to try and salvage what score I can. Next month I will definitely be better. I plan on finishing top 200 all this week so I should be able to scare those people who always look me up on this sight to see if I'm bluffing.

Like I said I am no pro, but I if I keep learning at the rate I am I will be soon. I still make mistakes, but I'm learning to recognize these mistakes before they happen.

Bear with me, I'm learning.