So I pissed a few people of today in the 9:00 o'clock PSO skill challenge. Enough that all of them were eliminted with the first hour of tournament. I got lucky a lot called a lot of flops that I should have folded. How can you get mad at that. Everybody calls looking to better their hands. Here's the situation I have a stack that's about three times my onlyopponent in flop. The flop comes down I think it was 5 J T. He's holding J T and I'm holding Q T. I know he has the J the second he calls all in. I'm thinking Hey I got a stack over him, I paired my Ten and I have an over card that I wanna hit, what's the worse that could happen. The turn and river come down K 9. I hit a staright and my opponent is eliminated. I can't say that I wasn't happy to increase my stack, but it was a bad beat, it happens all the time. Then they started calling me names and craziness in the chat box and I broke one of my rules...I engaged them. Not one of brightest ideas. Now one them swears they are out to get me. I kind of enjoy having a target on my back. It makes my decisions better so that I can prove them wrong. I can play poker, but this is just my beggining sure there is a lot of luck invovled and I haven't quite learned how to bet correctly. I play loose and aggressive and the wrong times and I play too passively as well. You can't get mad that someone beat you in a league were you have to pass a basic quiz after first learning the rules of the game. There will be a lot of beginners. That's what you get for hunting fish(sometime we fight back). Maybe if you played with people who were on your skill level(AS YOU CLAIM), you would have a problem with me slow playing a flush draw, or going all in hoping to see a runner +runner, or me and few of my fellow fish start schooling and making our pot odds better with gutshow draws. 

Get over yourself it's just game and freeroll at that, you act like there was real money at stake. 

You can come at me I play everyday in the PSO trying new things and LEARNING (foolish person) I'm not hiding you want to teach me how bad I play come get me. 

As always GOOD LUCK