I have played in a couple of tournaments and had average chip stacks, playing premium hands and waiting for my chance to double up and bully a couple of pots. Get a comfortable lead and tighten up again; but these river cards are beating me down. People going all in with a hope and prayer wating for a flush when I flop trips or a straight. I don't know if it's the way I'm betting or just idotic people who don't know how to play a flush. I can't say I'm having bad luck or bad beats. It was just the way the cards were falling. Although playing in the PSO gave meenough courage to go back to cash tables. I play them like I'm in a tournament. Taking to those aggressive players who over value their hands. Now I'm 75 dollars richer. Maybe I'll up my game to 4 tables at once next time.

As for the PSO I'm not done yet. We still have a score to settle. I want one win and three top fifty finishes. I'll be playing in the same three this week and next week I'll be adding the 9:00 o'clock.

Until then as always Good Luck