Today I played in the 9:00 o clock PSO Skill challenge. It was a warm-up in my opinion for the real prizes later today. I'm getting better and picking the times I want to be aggressive and when I want to fold. I finished 129th. I called an all-in on a 6-4 diamonds. Bone headed move. Although I did hit a flush on the flop, my opponent hit a full house on the river. Sucks, but I can't call it a bad beat becaue I was stupid for playing it. Now I'm just waiting on the new rankings to comeout. Not sure if I'm ready to come back to the cash tables. I might just stick with tournament play its more fun and I know that playing tight aggressive works. I also need to work on taking mental notes on my oppenents. For the most part everyone in the PSO plays premium hands and don't waver, but I on the other hand have gotten to the point where I comfortable playing hands less likely to win in hopes of a bluff or hitting the flop. I'll play 9T suited or not hard from flop to river no matter what, and people around will fold. So I came up with my ten rules of poker play. Since I've been following my rules, I haven't have one of those one hand and done tournaments. Rule 4 is my favorite "When you bluff, bluff hard. Make them wonder if they can really beat your hand." I love bluffing and being called on it, then later playing a really strong hand slowing and raking in the cash.

But now I'm perfecting my playing style, living and learning. Today I will have my best showing in the PSO Skill challenge.   "Losing is what makes you a winner."