wow, it has been a good day, just got through playing in the big game round two qualifier, and played the best game i have played scence i won the $50.00 freeroll at AP. finished in the top 1000, player's. i will be playing in the finial round qualifier Sunday at 15:30, if i make the top 200, i will be playing in the big game casting pool :-D , I just started here at the school and in two days of studing the great matirial that can be found here, i have improved my game 70% easly, in the game today i did not feel rushed or threatened, panicy, i felt like i was more in controll of my play, learning and nowing how to figure out the odds of the flop, trun and river cards, helped me ( no words to express how much ), and understanding the diffrents between a good starting hand and a bad one, this school is in priceless, every one who plays poker, NEEDS TO BE ENROLLED IN THIS SCHOOL! :-D