ive wanted 2 do this 4 a while, only i didnt know where 2 start.  but, ive endured quite a bit of poker-snobberry at the PSO skills tables as of late, and i thot, "aha"   its Poker SCHOOL Online, not 'poker snobs only," nor is it "poor sports obviously"   its a playground 4 the newly interested.  especially early on,  cuz its a FR (no fee entry w prize of some sort), ppl are going to play loose (esp. if pots get big fast)  u can either play w it, or wait it out---it fades.   but if u push out of position and get beat on a SO(suckout) draw, PLEASE TRY TO BE PHILOSOPHICAL/CIVIL WHEN U LOSE   yes, the books all say something about  what hands to do what with, but ppl are going to do whatever they darn well please (this includes using every second allowed every GD chance they get, sitting out whole/part game, AI w 82off, hitting wrong button, or multi-tabling to distraction, etc.)   ITS A GAME WITH RULES, AND IF ITS FREE TO PLAY, WHO ARE U TO CRY FOUL