I have bin playing pritty steady and have put in about 700 MTT this year but im down like 300$


I looked at offical poker rankings and it looks like about 800 000 have made prize money on pokerstars but only about 15% of the people are up money for MTT this year. I would think i would be one of them by now this year with about 700MTT this year but im not. I get on every day play my A game but get no where. I have a hud to help me out and also make notes on players , and mark bad ones.

Also downswing with KK for the last month of playing every day over 20k hands. most spots it like they hit set or have underpair to hit 2 pair by river. 

I play fit or fold , tight agressive playing style. 

I want to mabe change my stance on poker and play a loose agro style but dont think it will work at the low stakes because of all the looseness at micro stakes. Seen other steamers play Loose Agro style at higher stakes and it has worked out for them pritty well. Like jaimestaples, and jvcarver on twitch.

I am still up 165k online but starting from stratch again isnt working out to well.

I will be going for top spot on open skill league this month and also have a big bang ticket from Open Skill League and aim to get to silver star status with less then a 200$ bankrole

If i get top 3 in Open Skill League i plan on moving up in stakes with the money. I think i play better poker at higher levels , my highlight being second place in my first ever sunday million ever.

Are the Poker gods on vacation?