Hi it's a new month and after spending half of last month playing poker. I managed to get top 500 in Open Skill League and now gunning for that top spot of 5k. I played my first one and least just say every table has like 4-5 people who take a long time to act so it is really boring and since everyone is so slow the blind get up there fast without playing as many hands. you get 2.5k chips to start.  If there is someone short stacked they are always stalling.

 I see that there are a lot of simular playing styles like mine that are playing in the tournements.  Less crazy stuff going on in this league compared to open skill league.  So far only played one of them got 95 out of 430 people. Im going to have to ajust my playing style a bit because these people are more ontop of there game. 

I'm glad i have a HUD, it has helped i have already folded kk to aa once already due to his playing style and not getting bluffed from a guy whos 3 bet is 0 over 200 hands.  The people are better at the game but i still see a lot of mistakes that they are doing that i can exploit.

I also have bin playing poker at other sites as of recently to see how they stack up to pokerstars players . Im thinking more and more now everyone on pokerstars is try hards compared to some of the other sites i have tried lately.

Can't wait for the big bang tourney but hope it dosnt fall around the same time as the 9mil sunday mil because im going to need to focus hard on that one and wont be playing my 4 tables at once that day.

Good luck at the tables, Im out for now , im hungry for some more fish, but all i see are mostly sharks