Just bin running bad last half of the week lost about10% of my bankrole on downswing , I get my hand in corectly most of the time but lose.  I get nut flush draw plus two overs in expecting folds some of the time and 15 out around about 60% at best plus fold equity. micro stakes people are just to loose and get there to often. I almost never bluff and dont think most of these mirco players are thinking at the level that I'm thinking. 

   Most of the time guy limps with ace rag i have ace good kicker get my money in and he aways hits his rag. Im using a HUD and always putting a range of hands the players can have.  I review my hands on holdem manager and 9 out of 10 are plus ev or just unlucky cooler spots.

   Most common way i go out is i have like 5 to 10 big blinds in these turbos go all in with pair and he away has over pair or ace something so if i ship it with high blinds and anti's with all the dead money in the pot and a deciant pair i get it in expecting to get more chips out of it. 

   When some one calls with like ace six and i have 8's i expect to win 2/3 of the time but varence these last couple days has bin kicking me to the ground. I play passive agressive, low ball poker and when the blinds get high and i have 10 bb i usually go into push fold mode and am always ajusting to the players ways of playing.

   I still have bin making the money about 20% of the time just that min cashing most of the time when i get in money.

Hopfully I can turn things around and get some more final tables in the weeks to come for this veriace is pissing me off.  I Try not to get mad but its hard to see me loss chips to those fun players and the way i see them playing it like well if you play like that you probably aint going to go far.        

 Im wondering if my time is even worth something or should i just be working minum wage instead of the long uphill battle. Poker dam love hate relastionship...