So im at work one day, its about lunch time and my boss comes around and said hey do you want to buy some 50/50 tickes. I have 5 bucks in my pocket that usually goes to buy something for lunch. He tells me that they are trying to raise money for some of the clients to have a good trip out. I used to work at the rehab society where people that need help would go. I was a wood worker that would work in the back and didnt have much to do with the clients. Figuring i would be a nice guy I said ok and gave him my 5 bucks. later in the day hear the PA come on, stop nailing creates together, pull out my numbers and sure enough they called my numbers. I go down to collect my money and got 320$. Not bad for 5$ 




   So now it the weekend my parents just left just after I went to work that friday. They like to camp in B.C every summer so I have the house for myself so its nice and quiet.  I plan on playing  poker all weekend. Being the conservitive poker player i havnt really won or lost to much , think I was down 500 dollars over 700 games on pokerstar at the time. It's sunday and also WSOP Main Event is going on. I'M looking at the sunday mil it 1.5mil gtd the tournement. It has already bin going on for a half hour and it looks to be an overlay in the tourney. So I register figuring well I turned 5 $ 50/50 into 320$ this is a good spot to try to win some more also with overlay in tourney. I kid you not i played 10 hours strait without losing a showdown. Every hand I was ahead or got lucky . I sucked out when i hand a9 vs ak ak9 flop 9 turn blank river. I also got luck and got my money in with aq vs ak flop aq*

    We are down to 3 tables I lose my first hand to a guy named puffingmysmoke or something like that name. He took me for like a million in chips but I was still ok being the chip leader for half the tourney I still had a lot of chips

    Thud Thud ,heart racing. Made it to the final table of the sunday million, and it was also my first sunday million too. I Knocked out over half the table and there one more guy in my way of taking down my very first sunday mil. I had very little heads up xp but had a hug chip lead at one point 60mil to 10 mil.Who am i facing heads up, yep you guessed it puffingmysmoke. Called his all in with aq and he had 99, 9's held ,  then I had the nines and he hand the aq and he hit a queen. I missed played the hand with k low card and got my chips in agenst his aq high. second place for 168750 US.  Pokerstars lost about 230k from the overlay after fees.

    I was like YES NO YES NO OK i can live with that. I didnt go crazy with the money i won. Being on the conservitive side i bought my own place with the money.

    I play micro stakes still after all that because I didn't think i was good enough at the time. I was in the money that year 7% and now i have worked it up to 22-23% over the years.  I didnt even have a hud at the time when i won all that money.

   I'm trying to build my bankrole and work my way up. At the moment playing Micro mtt

   I will be playing the 9mil sunday mil in march ,can't  pass  up the chance to win 1 mil. Will be one of the shots outside my bankrole im willing to take this year.

Quote of part 3 

Yes there can be a lot of luck but with skill and luck it's like having more tickets to win money like the lotto, its just that it never cost you any more money.

Bad beat hand of the Day

   I have Q 10 ,flop top 2 pair, bet heavy with flush and strait draws can get there, want to make them pay to see turn and river , get put all in by a player with a3 no strait draw or flush draw no pair  just ......a 3. turn ace river ace, got to love players like that +++ev for me, just unlucky. Thats the mirco limits for ya...

By the way english is my weak point , but im tring my best .... 

good luck/skill/timing at the tables