I have bin playing micro stakes even tho i have had some pritty big wins in the past. A lot of people say get out of the micros as soon as possable. I dont think i want to at this time for the games are so soft. With using my hud and hand replayer im crushing the games. 


On sharkscope for scedualed  mtt my rate of investment is 150% over 900games 5$ and under, so if i keep up the good work every 1 dollar i spend i will make at least 1-2 dollars on a dollar. Today i had 4th in a 55cent 500 man max.  I also have got 2 first in the last couple days. One being 180man and the other was a 221 player feild. it was weird tho because beating an extra 40 players only got me about 20$ where the 180man was 24$ both being 50cent to enter. I sure am eating over my fair share of fish.

When i make final tables most of them dont have the experince of playing short handed and heads up hence 1st 1st 4th. I have made a final table on the sunday million but lost it heads up due to not having very much xp and lost two coinflips for the win. After that i spent a little time improving my heads up game also bought a book that was just about heads up play. 

If mtt are your thing it's lot harder to win for there are many mistakes between the you and the final table and if you dont have very much xp in short handed and heads up it hard to get in the top 3 where most of the moneys at. So my advice for the day is learn how to play short handed better and heads up better .This will get into the top three when it counts.

Band beat of the day .

Hand of the day was a3 suited, flopped a flush , he flopped a set , got my money in on turn of a blank card. board paired on river. got nocked out in 4th in the 55cent 500max mtt

Quote of part 2 

Learn from other peoples mistakes not your own